Caterpillar Rods

Caterpillar Rods


Down below is a full list of the Caterpillar rods for diesel Caterpillar engines we currently have in stock. Our rods are re-manufactured for optimal performance.

Caterpillar Rods Caterpillar Engines
9N406 Cat 3208 10.4L
9N1078 Cat 3208 10.4L
9N8001 Cat 3150 8.6 L
1W2258 4 Cat 3208 10.4 L
8N1727 Cat 3406 14.6L
6N3910-2 Cat 3406 14.6 L
3S8286-9 Cat 1693 14.6 L
Cat 343 14.6 L
Cat D343 14.6 L
9Y6048 Cat 3406 14.6 L
2P933 Cat 3306 10.5 L

For more information on our re-manufactured Caterpillar rods feel free to give us a call at 541-345-8721 or email us at You can also find other engines, rods, and other parts at our Ebay Store.

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