Continental Connecting Rods

We have a large inventory of Continental connecting rods, at the moment. Below, we have a list of the Continental connecting rod’s listing numbers and their matching engines. Call us for more details on availability and grouping amounts:

Continental Connecting Rods Matching Engines
F226D400 163 2.7 L
F163 2.7 L
G181D501M F193 3.2 L
F400D502 F163 2.7 L
F168 2.8 L
Y400D-403 Y112 1.8 L
PY69 1.1 L
Y091 1.5 L
Y69 1.1 L
Y400D-400 Y112 1.8 L
4P410 1.5 L
PY 69 1.1 L
Y091 1.5 L
Y69 1.1 L

For more information on our Continental connecting rods, feel free to give us a call at 541-345-8721 or email us at You can also check out our Ebay Store for other available engines and parts for sale.

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